ADM Removes Ads from a Traveler Compensation Service

ADM Removes Ads from a Traveler

A company that helps travelers receive compensation in the event of flight delay, allowing them to receive up to $ 1,700 from airlines, has seen its ads removed by Aéroports de Montréal (ADM).

The firm denounces an unacceptable maneuver on the part of the airport manager to prevent passengers from being informed of the financial compensation provided for by international laws. ADM, for its part, maintains that the messages do not correspond to its ethical criteria concerning advertising.

According to Bell Media, the airport’s poster campaign manager, it was the complaints of the air carriers that prompted ADM to make the decision last Friday. “The polemic that the campaign creates with the airlines brings the airport to this decision,” wrote the advertising advisor to the president of, Jacob Charbonneau.

ADM asserts, however, that no carrier complained.

“We did not have any pressure from our partners, but as it could harm the airlines, which are our customers, it puts us in an uncomfortable position, and we believe that the terminal is not ‘Where to broadcast this kind of advertising,’ says Stéphanie Lepage, ADM spokesperson.

“It is a pity that we want to hide from passengers the compensation that they can receive according to the law, when very few passengers are aware, or that they find it too complicated to make a claim to the airline Replied Jacob Charbonneau.

Up to $ 1,700

The advertisements for the service appeared last week on the digital carousel carousel screens in the arrivals section of Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport. “Get up to $ 1800 per passenger,” the message said, over icons representing delays, overbooking and cancellation.

This amount refers to the US $ 1,300 (the equivalent of CAN $ 1,716 and not CAN $ 1,800) that travelers may receive if they are unable to fly from the United States or due to overbooking. A US carrier, and arrive at their destination more than four hours late. Compensation is provided for in the US Department of Transportation regulations.

The European laws provide for compensation in the event of flight delay which can reach 600 euros (884 $).

Since very few consumers are aware of these laws and how to be compensated, offers since last year to make the claims on behalf of the affected travelers, for a commission of 25%.

“The airport is obviously the best place to advertise our services. We announce our services while informing travelers of their rights, “says Jacob Charbonneau

ADM defends itself by saying that it has already broadcast messages to inform travelers of their rights. The advertisement said: “A plane ticket is a valid contract. Make sure you understand the conditions of transportation before paying, “before directing consumers to the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) site.

Nowhere on the site is there any compensation that may be available to passengers, ordered by the Agency as a result of complaints against Canadian companies, or under European or US laws. Travelers are directed to air carrier sites where information about their obligations is generally difficult to find.

Aviation companies are reluctant to inform their customers because claims can cost them thousands of dollars.

Last year, after two Air Transat pilots were prevented to take control of their device from Scotland due to intoxication, which resulted in the cancellation of a flight, the Press had Published a report on the compensations provided for by European laws. Dozens of readers wrote to us after claiming and receiving their compensation of $ 884 from the air carrier, thanks to the information published in our report.

Terms of Use

This controversy comes as Canada prepares to adopt a charter of passenger rights, announced last month by Transport Minister Marc Garneau. It is the government’s intention to impose clear standards on air carriers as to the benefits available under various circumstances.

Currently, in Canada, each carrier is free to determine the compensation it pays to delayed passengers. But the CTA can intervene following a complaint against a company to demand an increase in the sums offered.

For example, in 2013, Air Canada was forced to increase oversold payments to $ 800. But this decision applies only to the company involved in the complaint, not to all carriers.



For a flight that takes off from Europe or with a European airline 

If he is denied boarding, his flight is canceled or if he arrives more than three hours late to the final destination indicated on your ticket, a passenger is entitled to an indemnity of 250 to 600 euros, depending on The distance from the flight.


– Up to 1500 km: 250 euros

– More than 1500 km: 400 euros


– Up to 1500 km: 250 euros

– From 1500 to 3500 km: 400 euros

– More than 3500 km: 600 euros

For a flight that takes off from the United States or with an American company

A passenger who is unable to fly due to overbooking is entitled to compensation:

– 200% of the price of the “go” ticket (maximum of US $ 650), if the replacement flight is less than two hours late (less than four hours for international flights);

– 400% of the price of the “go” ticket (maximum of 1300 $ US) if the replacement flight causes more than two hours delay (four hours for international flights).

These obligations also apply to Canadian air carriers when taking off from Europe or the United States.

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