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Discover the best way to get to your airport

What is the best way to get to the airport from your hotel (or vice versa)? Is it better to take the taxi? A shuttle ? Public transport ? Discover the advantages and disadvantages of the different means of transport you can borrow during your trip.

6 ways to reach your airport

In most countries around the world, there are six different ways to get to the airport. Here they are :

The bus: to travel without breaking the bank

If you intend to travel to Hong Kong for example, one way between the city center and the airport by bus ( line E21 ) costs 14 Hong Kong dollars (1.55 €) or seven times cheaper than the same journey made with The subway “Airport Express” (100 dollars or 11 € one way).

In Hong Kong as elsewhere, the bus is the most economical way to get to the airport. This being so, the bus is a slow mode of transport. In Hong Kong, it takes 45 to 90 minutes (depending on the traffic) to make the bus trip, compared to 24 minutes by metro. Moreover, taking the bus is not always easy: how to know which line to take and what stop to go in a country where you do not master the language?

Bus and tram in Hong Kong

The subway: the best value for money

Many airports have subway lines connecting the city center and the business district to the airport. Getting to the airport by Metro is generally fast: 24 minutes to Hong Kong, 16 minutes to Beijing and 7 minutes to Shanghai, thanks to its subway “Transrapid” which runs at 431 km / h.

Taking the metro is usually simple. In most cases, metro stations are well-marked and simple to find, and the plans and messages of speakers translated into English. Finally, taking the metro is often more comfortable than the bus. However, metros have some disadvantages:

• They may be crowded, especially at peak hours

• Few metro trains run at night

• Metros often cost (much) more than the bus.

Airport Express, Hong Kong

Airport Express, Hong Kong

Taxi: the solution of simplicity

A taxi is the ideal way to get around if you are cluttered with luggage or if your plane takes off in the middle of the night when the subways are not moving. In short, the taxi is the solution of simplicity par excellence. This being so, unlike the metro, taxis are subject to the vagaries of traffic. If you need to reach the airport at rush hour and you are in a hurry, the metro may be better than the taxi.

The main disadvantage of taxis is that they are often expensive: you can get 35 euros one way between Hong Kong city center and the airport for 11 euros by metro. This being so, if you are traveling in a group, the taxi may be cheaper than the metro. Traveling to 4 by taxi will cost you 9 euros per person.

Finally, if you are traveling to a developing country, taking a taxi is often very accessible. Thus, in Bangkok Thailand, joining the airport from the city center costs you only 8 euros. Even if it costs far more than the bus, it remains a very affordable luxury.

Taxis in Hong Kong

Taxis in Hong Kong

Shuttles: convenient, but slow

The taxi fare is too high compared to your travel budget? You do not like getting tired in public transport? In this case, join the airport by shuttle – shuttle in English. Their concept is simple: the shuttles make the tour of the hotels to recover the different tourists before joining the airport – or vice versa.

If you intend to go to Roissy Charles de Gaulle from Paris for example, a shuttle “Supershuttle” will ask you 27 € if you travel alone and 43 € if you travel in two. In short, the shuttle buses allow you to reach the airport easily – directly from your hotel – for a reasonable price.

Only drawback : the shuttle ride can be a bit slow, especially if you are the first tourist to be picked up at your hotel and if the driver has to pick up other tourists in other hotels.

Shuttle bus

A shuttle

Mototaxi: fast and economical

Mototaxi is often an excellent alternative to taxis. Indeed, this mode of transport costs half as much per kilometer as traditional taxis and is much faster, motorcycles managing to sneak everywhere.

This being so, the driving of mototaxi drivers is often sportive, so one should not have cold eyes. Moreover, the mototaxi is not always very practical if you have big luggage or if you travel in a group – difficult to mount more than two people in the back of a motorcycle.

The tuk tuk: for adventure

The tuktuk is a motorized tricycle that is very popular in Thailand, but also in the rest of Southeast Asia. Indeed, this type of taxi slips everywhere – albeit less well than the mototaxi – and offers astonishing speed sensations. Guaranteed change of scenery.

Tuk-tuk in Thailand

Tuk tuk in Thailand

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