Fast and Economical, Discover A New Transfer Service for Go Customers

Transfer Service for Go Customers

Enough queues to take a taxi to the airport? This practical question arises before every trip on vacation: what is the most convenient way to go to the airport? In Paris, it can quickly turn into a nightmare, especially if you do it at the last minute.

To stop worrying about airport transfers and start your journey with complete peace of mind, here is an easy and economical solution: ATA airport transfers offered by GO Voyages

By booking your plane ticket on the GO Voyages website, you can also book your transfer from a Paris airport. Our partner offers shuttle buses for a successful transfer.

By booking your flight, you can also opt for this service on the GO Voyages website. Finally, an important info: this service can be up to 30% cheaper than a taxi.

How to benefit from this service?

This service is offered to all travelers departing from an airport in Paris (Orly or Roissy) and whose address is in Ile-de-France. Simply complete the required fields when booking.

For any modification, please notify our ATA partner as soon as possible, by sending an e-mail to , or by calling 0 899 659 967 (1.349 € TTC / call + 0.34 € Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm)

For the rest, nothing more simple! You can be reached on your mobile the day before, then, on the day of your pick-up, go to the address provided. And everything becomes simpler!


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