Moving To Budapest and Its Surroundings

Moving To Budapest and Its Surroundings

The transport network

Budapest is proud of its well-developed public transport network consisting of tram, bus, trolley, metro, plan, schedules and suburban trains (HÉV). To visit the city, take the bus, the tram, the trolley or the metro. The services are reliable and cheap. However, take some precautions when traveling in crowded vehicles, as they are often frequented by pickpockets.

Public transport in the city of Budapest is managed by the ” Budapest Transport Company ” (called simply BKV by Hungarians), which operates a network of buses, trams and trolleys as well as three metro lines.

Hours of travel

Buses, trams and trolleybuses run between 4:30 and 23:00. The three metro lines intersect at the Deák tér square. The first subway leaves at 4:30, the last at 11:10 pm. The suburban trains (HÉV) serve Csepel, Ráckeve to the south and Szentendre and Gödöllő to the north.

Tickets  are sold in metro stations, ATMs or tobacconists, kiosks, tourist offices. Automatic terminals are also available at some bus and tram stops. The single ticket is valid for the bus, the trolley, the metro, the tram, the cog railway and for the entire journey, as well as for the HÉV but only inside Budapest. You will also find different ticket options: daily, tourist for 3 days, as well as 10 or 20 tickets (additional information:


  • Tickets must be purchased before boarding the bus or the metro.
  • They must be validated before access to transport. The validation terminal either stamps the ticket or validates it by cutting the corner and printing the date and time of the trip.
  • A new ticket is required for each change of means of transport.
  • You must keep your ticket until you get off the car or leave the station.
  • In the means of transport or at the exit of the metro, controllers with armbands and business cards can check your ticket at any time.
  • Passengers without a valid ticket will have to pay an ammend.

The  Budapest  Map is a particularly interesting option. The whole city is in your pocket “- it is the motto of this card, a product launched in 1997 by the Tourist Service Corporation of Budapest, with more than 100 advantages:

  • Unlimited travel on public transport
  • Free entry or reduced price in 60 museums and some tourist sites
  • Half-price city tour
  • Entry to folkloric and cultural programs
  • Discount in some restaurants, thermal baths, sports facilities …
  • Discount for car rental
  • etc …

The card comes with a color manual, written in seven languages – Hungarian, English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian – he  says  the  manual  of the card and present the sites where it is accepted (with Photos, addresses, opening hours, entrance fees, discount rates).

Formula and rates

Validity: 24, 48 or 72 hours
Price: 3900 HUF for 24 hours and 7900 HUF for 72 hours
The Card is valid for an adult accompanied by a child aged 14 years at the most.

Points of sale and information

In Budapest there are more than 250 places of sale: the most popular metro stations, tourist information offices, travel agencies, hotels and airport. Abroad it is accessible in the biggest travel agencies. Further information:


Parking facilities are available in Budapest’s inner city districts. Tickets can be bought at ticket outlets in the street for a maximum of 2 hours. Parking costs: from 160 to 640 HUF / hour depending on the area. Since the machines only accept parts, set aside 50 and 100 HUF parts for this.

In case of non-payment of the price of parking or if your ticket has expired a hoof will be put on your car.

Cars are not monitored in these car parks.

During the tours, tourist buses can be parked free of charge in the main tourist centers (eg Citadel, Heroes’ Square or Városliget). You will find parking lots for tourist buses at the Belgrád quay (Belgrád rakpart in Hungarian), in the Duna street near the Erzsebet square.

Car rental :

International rental companies are present in Hungary. Check the conditions and rates on the following websites  ABLE Rent-A-Car  | AutoGlobalRent  | Avalon Rent  | Reviews  | Bér-Lett Rent  | Budapest Limousine Service  | Budget  | Capitol City  | Europcar  | Hertz | ISA Rent a Car  | Limousine Service Hungary  | Regina Rent-a-car  | Sixt  | Toyota Strasszer  | Yes Autorent


If you do not know the city yet it is easier to visit it by taxi. In Budapest these vehicles are equipped with a yellow license plate and usually have a “TAXI” sign on the roof All taxis must be equipped with a meter The meter must be lit during the journey and the driver must Give a receipt showing the exact amount upon arrival at your destination  Főtaxi  offers transfers from Budapest airport to the city center in certain areas (+ 36-1-2-22-2222). Offer a cheaper price than those hailed on the street. Taxi companies take full responsibility for their employees.

It is advisable to book a taxi by telephone. Day and night rates are different.

Budapest Taxi  + 36-1-4-333-333
City Taxi  + 36-1-2-111-111
Mobil Taxi  + 36-1-333-2222
Radio Taxi  + 36-1-7-777-777
Taxi  + 36-1-2-000-000
Zóna Taxi  + 36-1-365-55-55

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