Transportation and travel Prague

Transportation and travel

Most trips to the center can be easily taken on foot.

– Public transport (metro, tram, bus, funicular) are punctual, cheap, clean, safe and efficiently cover the whole city. They are all managed by the same company.

Travel information : Travel Information Center : tel. : 296-191-817. Every day from 7am to 9pm.
All kinds of information by phone, Internet or on-site at metro station counters. Information about metro, tram and bus lines, rates, timetables …

Purchase of tickets: in metro stations (ATMs and ATMs, which usually only accept cash) and most newsstands and tobacco shops (often closed on Sundays).
, for large luggage, you must purchase an additional ticket at 16 Kc.
LCduction for children (6-14 years) and senior citizens (65-70 years, Czech residents only). There are also tariffs for students from 19 to 26 years old on proof ( ISIC card , but in principle for resident students only …). Above all, free of charge for children under 6 years and seniors over 70 years old (identity card required in case of control).

Single tickets to travel in intramural Prague: 2 models exist (rates 2016).

  • The first ticket: 24 Kc; reduction. Valid 30 mn after validation, in the tram or the metro. It allows transfers during this time although this is not specified on the ticket.
  • The second note: 32 Kc; discount. Valid for 90 minutes and allows transfers during this time, including for buses to the airport. 40 Kc, if purchased from the driver

Flat-rate tickets for 1 or 3 days: ticket at 110 Kc valid 24h; Reduction; if not; 310 Kc for 3 days (but no reduction) and 550 Kc for 5 days; discount. Valid from the first composting. Interesting formulas if you are angry with walking and especially if you do not stay in the historic center.

Important:  tickets and packages do not compost until the first use, but do not forget to do it (more in the direction of the arrow!) Because checks are frequent , especially in the metro. If this happens to you, first make sure that you are dealing with a real controller, recognizable by its badge. Even for a simple stupidity, fine insured (700 Kc). Immediate payment under penalty of increase (950 Kc) to be regulated on the ground floor of the Central Building .

Urban public transport is generally numerous and frequent, especially in the metro. The cost of the ticket is 24 Kc (or 32 Kc, and there are various possibilities of subscription daily or weekly.) Attention, for large luggage and bicycles, you will have to buy an additional ticket (usually 16 Kc).

Bike rental: this is the new fashion. Several agencies hire bicycles to cover the center. And even visit some castles of Bohemia. Be very careful on bikes: Czech drivers are not used to motorcycles.


Circulation every day from 5am to midnight (1h on Friday and Saturday). Fast, convenient and extremely easy to use. 3 lines.

Petřín Funicular

Drives every day from 9am to 11.30pm on the single line that climbs the hill of Petřín. Frequency of 10 mn in summer and 15 mn in winter.
Very convenient, especially on the climb, but there are crowds in summer …

Trams and buses

Their lines are reproduced on the official plans of the city, available at the tourist office, at hotel receptions, in some shops.

Advice: be forewarned by always having a reserve ticket, since it is not possible to buy them on trams or buses in the city center. However, it is sometimes impossible to find an open point of sale close to the stations and the yellow automated teller machines are sometimes recalcitrant and do not take tickets.

Trams and buses run from 4:30 am to midnight. Very numerous and practical, the trams (26 lines) squared the city and will easily lead you from one point to another.

ATTENTION, the route of the trams must be modified in 2017: inquire!

– Trams and buses have priority over pedestrians and bicycles and drivers do not compromise with the rule!

Trams and night buses: unless changed in 2017, night trams are numbers 51 to 59 . They leave every 30 minutes from the central correspondence of Lazarská station. Also night buses, numbers 501 to 513 (the 510 and 511 serve by the center); All within 30-60 minutes.


Even though the situation has improved markedly, taking a taxi in Prague requires some precautions. Recommended companies should be preferred, ie those that have a taximeter (meter) , and approved prices. Then, make sure that the taximeter is switched on. For the AAA company , there is no need to monitor the meter, but with other companies it may be necessary, as it sometimes happens that the driver disrupts the meter to lengthen the note of the race.

“Fair Taxis”: they are found at stations bearing the label (an orange sign) created by the city authorities to regulate and clean up the market. These Fair Taxis are committed to a number of points.
The prices of the races in Prague (likely to increase) are displayed on the windows or the body of the vehicles: basic charge 40 Kc, from 28 Kc / km, waiting 6 Kc / min. Outside of Prague, the price is negotiable.

– We recommend the following English speaking companies: AAA (14-014) which takes 15-17 Kc / km, and 111 Radiocab Taxi (220-117-078), which charges 28 Kc / km.

– Another advice is to phone systematically to book a taxi.


Train station, tramways, cobblestones in the old town and the steep coastline of Malá Strana around the castle! But most rental companies now offer electric bicycles (more expensive, of course). Youth hostels and hostels will provide you with the addresses of the nearest tenants.


It is downright unreasonable to want to drive in the center of Prague by car. Here we walk! Traffic in Prague is relatively fluid for a capital city, but you should know that parking in Prague 1 is entirely reserved for the inhabitants of this district, with a few exceptions (very expensive). So you have to have an authorization, otherwise your vehicle will be sent to the pound.
The best way is finally to park in the P + R, a little outside the center , close to metro stations, and then take public transport.

The tourist office provides a map, Parking in Prague , giving all the information in French.
For you, 2 types of car parks are interesting: those that are closest to the center, for a limited time (4h-1h and 12h max, but not at night), and those a little more off-center where you can stay for a long time.

– Namely, under penalty of fine: the dipped beams are obligatory, even in town and during the day.

Driving in Prague

Do not forget to buy the motorway sticker, mandatory, and stick it on your windscreen. On sale at the border, payable in cash or by CB (possible exchange) and at certain service stations and post offices. Fine of 5 000 Kc (185 €) in case of forgetfulness!

– Stringent law on drinking and driving. It is forbidden to drink if you drive, even beer. Zero tolerance : 0.0 g / l! Sometimes, check out some boxes and breathalyzer. Big fine to pay immediately.

– In the historic center of Prague and even beyond (Prague 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7), parking along sidewalks is reserved for residents only when there are blue strips along sidewalks. To park his car, limit himself to white marks along sidewalks, subject to pay and display machines to be paid in euros or in crowns.
Alternatively, the underground car parks guarded (count about 350 Kc, or € 13 per day). If you do not park well, you may end up with a hoof or a pound.


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